Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Review | Better Than This by Stuart Harrison

Better Than This by Stuart Harrison
Better Than This is a classic tale of greed. Nick Weston is a compulsive Advertising Executive who can never seem to get enough of success. But, success was running full speed from him. He had a great career as an AD Exec, but it wasn't enough. So, he opened his own ad company with his best friend Marcus. Though, things didn't exactly pan out the way Nick planned. With poor business moves, Nick ran the company into the ground. His relationship with his best friend and wife began to fail. But, selfishly, Nick didn't notice until those relationships were beyond repairable.

All was not lost when a dying man all but offered to pull Nick and Marcus's company out of ruin. This somewhat helped his relationship with his wife. His sudden mood and interest to spend time with his wife gave her hope to make their marriage work.

The man they thought was their financial savior died before they could ink the deal. And a war for thirty-five million dollars started between Nick, a dirty lawyer, and an all out nemesis. There was no way Nick was letting that money get away from him. He fought until the end. Until everyone he knew and loved was dead except his wife, unbeknownst to her.

In the end, Nick Weston ended up losing everything and everyone. He became a nomad on the streets. Oh, what a price one must pay for greed.

This is worth the read! FIVE STARS

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