Choosing Sides!

Short Story

Alondra raced through the crowded restaurant to her awaiting party. "Hey guys. What's with the serious faces?"

"This is a serious matter."

Alondra grabbed her chest. Her breathing increased. "Please don't tell me someone died."

"No, the only thing dead around here is our marriage," Brock mumbled.

Shari huffed, "This is exactly why I'm divorcing you!"

"You're not divorcing me. I'm divorcing you. It's impossible to make you happy. You always want more. Nothing is ever enough!" He counted on his fingers. "You wanted a new house, I gave you that. You wanted to quit working for other people and pursue your dreams, I busted my behind to be the sole provider. But, that wasn't enough. You got your big new home and even though you weren't working anymore you wanted more help. So, I got you a maid. Any woman in your position would be elated to have a man like me by her side. Yet, you're still unhappy as if I've done nothing for you."

"You're my husband and if I wanted those things you should do your best to provide me with everything that I ask of you."

"I did provide and I did it like a true man. But, all you do is complain. I'm done with it and I'm done with you."

Shari looked into Alondra's confused eyes. "Do you see how your brother is speaking to me. This is all I ever hear. He doesn't see the things he does. There is no way you would stick around and remain married to a man who continuously disrespects you."

Brock interrupted before Alondra could utter a word, "Don't play the victim. You're not very good in such a vulnerable role because you don't have a heart."

Alondra threw her hands up. "What the hell is going on here? I'm always with you guys. Actually, I was with you last week and you were happily in love. What could have possibly happened within one week to have you both screaming divorce?"

"This didn't transpire in a week. Its been going on. But, Monday morning was the last straw."

Shari grunted as she rested her head on the table in her arms.

"One of you need to tell me what happened in order for me to wrap my head around this sudden train wreck."

"Would you like to tell your best friend what you said to her brother, yet again?"

"Oh, by all means, you tell her," Shari replied. "You're the only one still making a big deal out of it."

"I should make a big deal out of it! You've threatened to have me killed on more than one occasion. This time it's because I didn't want to fund an event you wanted to host. We've got bills piled to the ceiling and you want to waste money on things that could wait. You're a spoiled brat who doesn't think of anyone else but herself. "

Shari's lips parted with a smile as she clapped her hands. "You're putting on such an awesome show. I needed live entertainment after dealing with you since I opened my eyes this morning. I'm over you I never knew you."

"Look, you both need to calm down. Things can't be this bad."

"Well, it is and we called you here because you need to choose a side. In order for me to get what is owed to me for putting up with this man over the years, I need you to be a witness of how he's constantly cheated on me with no regard of our marriage."

"I cheated one time six years ago. With the crap you've put me through, you're lucky it hasn't been multiple times. But, I have more respect for myself and my commitment to you. It was a mistake and I have went above and beyond to make it up to you. Maybe that is why you've been acting the way you have towards me. I guess you're still punishing me and if that's the case we should go our separate ways. But, my sister won't stand by your side against me. I need need you Shari because this isn't the first time she's threatened my life and you know this has been a problem."

Shari rolled her eyes and held Alondra's hand.

Brock quickly grabbed her other hand and insisted, "Well, what's it going to be baby sister?"

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